Garden Fresh Veggies Anyone?

Bell & Romas

Just a quick peak at just a few of the beautiful veggies growing on the property. These (well, their soon-to-be-growing brothers) will be on our Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizzas soon.

In the meantime, we will take care of these in the test kitchen. [yum!]


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On My Walk Today

This morning was nice before the heat wave rolled through. The ground seemed to be resting, waiting for the next rain. As I breathed in the morning air, the land held its breath. I was, as ever, taken by the beauty and strength that surrounded me. I returned home refreshed and ready for the day.

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On My Walk Today

This morning my walk around the ranch was warm and sunny. The deer and bunnies were hopping across my path. The air was clear and smooth against my face and smelled like the bed of my grandfather’s truck: dusty, baked, and comfortable. There are still wild flowers out, but the colors are more summer than spring. Lovely!

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Going Away Party in the Brewery

Last Thursday a group said goodbye to a beloved teacher from their school. With 40 people in attendance, it was a perfect evening at the tap room and brewery porch. The group had their own music and food, and enjoyed beer from Jester King. 

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Art Camp at the Ranch

Scarves made by 9-year-olds

What a fun few days! We hosted a small art camp at the ranch. Painting, tie dying, sculpting, and creating from random trash were some of the activities. It was a great use of the land and the pavilion.


Paintings with hands drying in the sun

Hats and Cloth Napkins – ready for a picnic!

What ideas do you have for uses of the ranch?

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